Friday, April 12, 2013

Commandment or Conviction?

As we discuss the topics of headcovering and modesty - there are 
some things to keep in mind.  First - if something is specifically commanded 
in scripture - it is really non optional.  It doesn't matter if a person 
has a conviction for it or not - it is to be followed... i.e. - obeyed. 

However, as in the cases of both headcovering and modesty - both of 
which are commanded in scripture - there are many details surrounding 
these topics which are left up to the believer to further search the 
scriptures and seek the Spirit's leading for practical application.   
Then the Christian can come up with a conclusion and
 a conviction of how to practice that commandment.

I am challenged that while I can stand firm that these are New Testament 
commands for this modern time... some of what I share
on this blog may be conclusion and conviction. 
So - let us encourage each other and learn from each other.

 This article by David Reagan does a really good job of explaining 
the differences between commandments, conclusions and convictions.  
Incidentally - the topic of his article is women wearing pants and 
I rejoice in his conclusions and convictions.   I also discovered 
(in a separate article) that he believes headcovering is a scriptural 
command - but is struggling to know how to teach it in 'today's society'.  
So instead he is teaching that 'long hair' (not at all short) is a covering.  
While I don't agree with this... it blessed my heart to see him have 
an open heart to what the Lord is saying in the scripture to something 
he had once believed differently.  May I too have an open heart to what 
the Lord may be leading me to see in His Word that I'm not currently seeing!

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