Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Thought on 'Modest Is Hottest'....

Have you heard this phrase?  I'm so glad there are ministries and 
persons who are choosing to uphold the biblical values of modesty.  
Many are making better choices regarding their wardrobes and society 
is beginning to rethink this topic like never before.  This is great!
But 'Hottest'?   
Modesty is God commanded (it's not about us).  And our obedience brings 
Him glory.  We are to protect the sensual part of ourselves from 
public display.  Why?  Because it is beautiful and belongs to the 
one God has given us in marriage - or will yet give us - 
and it does not belong to the masses.  Should we be wanting to look 'hot' - 
a sensual term that denotes being a 'turn-on'?  

Should Christian modesty and 'hot' go together?  
Perhaps we should rethink our word choices.

Side note -  Let's think one step further...  Where will others focus their eyes 
when there are words splashed across the upper chest?

God Bless you this day! - Joyce