Monday, April 8, 2013

Are Pants Modest?

Pants on women is very controversial in the Christian community.
(But I realize most everything about this blog is controversial...)
Perhaps many  have never even thought about it. 
Are pants modest? Let's consider this question that doesn't 
have as straight forward of an answer as we would like. 

First - since a picture is worth a thousand words,
  let's take a look at some pants...

If I am honest - I would have to say I don't find these pants immodest.  
These are men's pants - worn on men - and have a relaxed fit throughout.  
(I am in no way advocating skinny jeans on men!)

Now - from the same company - let's look at women's pants...
 These photos represent typical women's jeans.  Indeed - 
they are intentionally designed to fit this way - on women -  
by our clothing industry.  Do you see a difference as it 
relates to modesty or the figure of the body?
What is being highlighted here?
Now let me ask this - Is form fitting clothing ever modest?  
Therein lies the heartbeat of the answer to 'Are pants modest?'  
If the clothing a woman is wearing is showcasing her
 legs, thighs, buttocks and more - then isn't the answer obvious?  
No, it is not modest.  

But perhaps you say - 'My pants that I wear aren't this tight.'  
While I'd love to be able to give you an exact point of reference for 
where to draw the lines - I simply can't.  It doesn't exist.  
But I would ask these questions...

1.  How do you feel in your pants - does it even hint at 'sexy' or 'sensual'?

2.  Does your hubby or father or father figure find
them bordering on 'sexy' or 'sensual'?  
(Not all men see things the same way; & Godly men may be more sensitive in this area.
But most men can at least acknowledge if it could be a problem for some in their gender.)

3.  Should Christian women even flirt with the 'line' of immodesty?

In the next post - let's look a bit more at this topic of 'pants on women'...

Are Pants Modest Part II

All for Jesus ~ Joyce
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Amy said...

Good questions! I do feel that pants can be just as modest as skirts. (After all, when I'm squatting to put a book on the bottom shelf at work I never worry if I'm wearing pants that day, but I'm always self-conscious if I'm in a skirt. Don't want some little kid to see my underwear!) . . . I think it's all about the way you style them and the attitude with which they are worn. If you wear them in a way to emphasize your form and with an attitude of "look at me" - they are immodest. If you wear them for a practical purpose, style them in a way that is feminine but not focused on the shape of your body, and wear them with an attitude of humility then they are perfectly modest. All that said, I still wear skirts more often than not. I'm even doing a "Tznius Experiment" over on my blog ( and for the next two months I'm wearing strictly skirts or dresses when out in public (except for going to the gym).

Carolyn Myer said...

I wonder how ladies would feel about the guys in their lives wearing skirts. Most would probably say, "NO. That's feminine." Then what should a guy wear to be masculine in our culture? Pants, right? Then should women be wearing them? We are so used to seeing women in pants now, but just a few decades ago people were just as appalled to see women in pants as we would be to see our men in skirts today. In our culture it is still recognized, by everybody, that skirts are feminine and pants are masculine. Take a look at restroom signs. The only difference in the silhouettes is that pants signify the men's room and a skirt designates the ladies room. Some say, "Pants made for women aren't masculine. There are differences between men's pants and womens pants." It's true. But what is the difference? Isn't the difference that the womans pants are cut and shaped to fit the contours of the woman's body over her hips, butt,thighs, crotch, and pelvic area? If wearing something form fitting over that part of a woman's body isn't immodest, WHAT IS? These are parts of a womans body that are sexually provocative to men. Even "loose" pants become formfitting when she bends over. And they become form fitting around the thighs and crotch when she sits down. A Christian woman
should give thought to both femininity and modesty when thinking about wearing pants. I believe both those criteria can be met if she wears a loooong top over the pants. :) Or a skirt over them.

Lisa said...

Great post, Joyce. I have heard it said that pants outline a woman's in such a way that draws a man's eyes to certain parts of her body. Tight pants - even more so. But I also believe that there are modest pants, that fit loosely and aren't form-fitting. But it seems to me that pants just aren't feminine, which is why my girls and I wear skirts/dresses all the time. Occasionally however, my girls wear culottes for climbing trees, playing on a playground, or riding their bikes.

Lynn Swords said...

Question: My husband has told me many times that he prefers that I wear pants over skirts. I certainly don't want to cause other men to stumble, but don't I need to follow my husband's wishes first?

Tamika Ford said...

My husband doesn't mind me wearing loose pants with a long top to cover those form-fitted areas. Everyone has their own proper gift and we do not all wear clothing for the same reasons. Yes there are women who go to far with the skinny jeans and tight pants period, but you cannot put us all in the same box. There are also women who wears skirts and dresses for the wrong reasons too. Even if the skirt is modest in length and width, most women know that men are more drawn to women in a skirt, therefore, they have learned how to draw attention from the opposite sex without wearing form-fitted pants. One deception that I see that has crept into Apostolic Church is women are saying"Modesty is Hot". Where did they get that trash from??? No, he'll is hot and that's where a lot of them will end up if they don't clear their spirit and minds from that type of thinking. Apostle Paul laid down the Law that godly women should be holy, not hot. And I believe godly women can wear pants modestly, but the reason that many of us wear mostly skirts and dresses is because of the judgmental attitudes that come from others. So to keep down offense and wars breaking out in the church and amongst other believers over such petty issues, we choose to humble ourselves to keep the unity of the faith, which is what I believe is much more acceptable and pleasing in God's eyes than the ones who judge other sisters for wearing pants. But in all actuality, there has been more damage done and sexual sin committed by women wearing easily accessible dresses and skirts than there has been by those who wear pants. As far as the bathroom symbols, this example has always been brought up but, the only thing that people look at is the bottom half but they never take the time to look up at the top. The creators of those designs did not make a difference in the male and female heads, but they both look bald. Now if you really want scripture on such matters, apostle Paul set the societal differences in gender according to the man and woman's HAIR, not their legs (Read 1 Corinthians 11:14-15). So why do people pay so much attention to the bottom garments but don't say anything about the top??? It's because society is twisted at large and many religious self-righteous people only pull out of society those things that complement their standards of beliefs. The bible commands us to modest, which is a balance between a plain Jane and a haughty Harlot. We should be the salt of the earth in appearance, attitude, and adoration to God. Anything else outside of that midline of sanctification and holiness is austerity or extremity.