Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Sister's Testimony...

Years ago I was blessed to hear a woman by the name of 
Billie Blevins share her personal testimony.
 Billie grew up in an abusive and ungodly home with almost no
 knowledge of God or His Son.  Her road to adulthood is not pretty and her choices along the way - way less than best. 
But today she is a Godly mother of a large family,
 wife of a pastor, dresses modestly, covers her head, loves her Lord
 and is intent on sharing Him with others. 

Just recently I discovered that her testimony is available to listen to online.

I invite you to hear her story for yourself...

Part I can be heard here.  Part II can be heard here.

In a time when it seems that so many professing Christians
 are compromising or dismissing biblical teachings... 
what a comfort to know that others are seeking them out 
and willing to do or be whatever Jesus asks.

Blessings my friends!  ~Joyce