Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's Get Started...

Modesty - what is it and does it really matter?  
I Corinthians 11:1-16 - that's not for 'today' right?
The confusion surrounding these 2 topics is overwhelming. This blog has been on my heart and mind for several years - but as you will see - I'm not tech savy (actually am quite 'dumb' at it).  So while there is much techy stuff missing here - rather than put this off any longer - let's get started with the bare bones (and yes, with some fear and trepidation...)
I promise to keep most of my posts brief so as to not waste your time.  But let me share just a bit about myself.  I'm now essentially middle aged (ouch!), I love the Lord and desire to walk in his Ways as a New Creation in Christ.  I grew up in a Christian and bible believing home - (nope, not a perfect home).   I'm married to a great guy - My Love, (nope, not a perfect marriage) and we have an empty nest.  I've MUCH still to learn after many years of walking with the Lord.  The 2 topics of this blog are so dear to my heart.  I believe it is the trick of Satan to make us believe that 'little things' in scripture are unimportant.  That's very wrong! At a young age I had to search the scriptures on these topics as many of my Christian peers were walking and believing something different than I was being taught.  Due to varying life's circumstances - I've been tested in these areas in ways I would have never imagined.

I truly believe born-again Christians are to walk a narrow Way.  And I believe that Way includes dressing modestly and covering our heads (for the Sisters) as the scriptures teach.  I also believe we are in the 'last days' and that obedience matters.  So let's journey together (woman to woman) and allow the  Holy Spirit to lead us. 

I love you in the Lord!   ~  Joyce