Monday, August 29, 2016

On Women Wearing Pants - Readers' Comments...

Recently - I had two intriguing comments on this post that I feel 
are worthy of their own blog post. 
I'll relay them here and let them speak for themselves.

The first one comes from a reader who asked me if wearing a
 certain pair of khaki pants which she adored were a sin.   Of course - 
I had no idea what the pants looked like - but responded with some
 thoughts that I once shared in this post (which links to a 2nd post).

Almost immediately after my response - she responded again - with this...

Not many minutes after I asked you the question, Holy Spirit answered it! 
I was going about my day, when suddenly I was
 overcome with the realization that when I
 wear those pants, 
#1, they clash with the covering, and 
#2, my attitude and demeanor feel gruff and
 sort of dominant. Gross! So immediately I
 changed into a skirt, and BAM, femininity!

How about that?  

And here is a comment or story from another reader...

(I) heard a talk on modesty one time by 2 women who knew nothing
 about wearing dresses... Their husbands after studying the subject
 of modesty came to them asking that they consider wearing modest dresses. 
Their husbands were willing to compromise and allow them to wear
 their pants at home. One of the women forgot to change one day and
 parked in front of the shoe repair place that she was picking up
 her husband's shoes at. She realized her dilemma, but decided she
 was just running in there and back out and back home, so she would
 just run in. She was relieved no other customers were in there, so
 she asked the clerk for the shoes. While he was retrieving the shoes 
from a back room, a male customer walked in and took a seat behind this woman. 
She began wishing the clerk would hurry up, when the customer says, "Those are nice pants you are wearing". She suddenly had something
 revealed to her. The pants she was wearing were "modest pants" in her eyes, 
however, no matter how modest the pants, men look. She expressed how
 humiliated she was and how thankful her husband brought something
 to her she had never before had revealed to her Biblically.

Again - you can go to the original post and read the full comments there.  
I continue to be uncomfortable in pants in public.  Even when
 riding motorcycle with my hubby - I wear a knee length full skirt
 over heavy leggings or pants.  

Just some food for thought for you on this lovely - almost fall - day! 
Be blessed!  ~Joyce