Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thrifty Modest Outfit Thursday...

We'll see how long I can keep this up - but for now -
I thought I could share one outfit a week with you.
  Keep in mind - I'm a 'thrifter' - so most everything
 will be from thrift shops and yard sales.  
In other words - I'm hoping to share that modesty is budget friendly!
So what do we have here?  (And I realize I'm no model!)

The skirt is really a jumper.  I wore a 'new to me' gold 
long-sleeved tee over it to make it look like a maxi skirt.  
Those two alone looked a little boring - so a white dressy 
sweater helped.  The scarf is a narrow long scarf 
that I tied to look like an infinity scarf.  
It could be a little longer - but who's checking?

Gold and yellow seem to be colors that are surfacing right now.  
Gold works with my skin and hair.  Yellow?  Not so much.  
Now I'm not saying we need to try to be 'fashionable'.  
But somewhat current and modest works for me.  
I never run out and get the latest thing to try to fit in.  
But I don't purposely avoid what someone else might wear either -
 if it's God-honoring.  (Hope that makes sense).  

The jumper is probably from the 80s!  I have no idea the price 
I paid for this outfit - but most of my clothing is 
under $4 for a piece - yes really.

The shoes may have been new from Old Navy - 
and I think I paid around $10 for them 'on sale'.  
I loved them - they were comfy - and I knew I'd wear them alot!   
I love modesty and creating little outfits.  
It's a bit of a hobby I guess - sort of like decorating my home. 

Honor God with what you wear today! ~Joyce


Regina said...

I love thrift stores! Your outfit is very lovely😊.

I've been wearing cape dresses for a number of years now and wearing them has helped me to have more room in my closet. I only have about five so I wear the same dressed all the time. I'm sure people think I have nothing else to wear and might think I'm weird for dressing like this.

Linda said...

I keep wishing for more long skirts.I would have never thought to put a shirt over a jumper. Thanks for the idea. I love those cute shoes.

TLCMOM said...

I am just starting to cover (my head) full time, and 90% of the time I wear skirts or dresses, but I do have one last cute pair of pants (khaki's) that I just adore. Surely this isn't a sin?

Joyce @ WP said...

This is exciting TLCMOM! Thank for for sharing that you cover your head. Praise the Lord for this act of obedience! :) As for your pants that you adore... The 'sin' would be disobeying scripture in any area. We are called to modesty. Immodesty in clothing - as I understand it - is anything that calls undue attention to us or can bring a sensual attraction (other than from our husbands of course). I believe tight clothing does that - even if not our intent while wearing them. I have another post with some ways to wear pants that helps eliminate the problem of tightness. Blessings to you this day! Thanks for commenting! (And I need to get back to this blog - your comment may be just the 'kick in the pants' that I need! - no pun intended) :)

TLCMOM said...

Haha! Well, these pants aren't particularly snug, and all my shirts cover my bum, but I will tell you this; not many minutes after I asked you the question, Holy Spirit answered it! I was going about my day, when suddenly I was overcome with the realization that when I wear those pants, #1, they clash with the covering, and #2, my attitude and demeanor feel gruff and sort of dominant. Gross! So immediately I changed into a skirt, and BAM, femininity!

Joyce @ WP said...

Oh this made me smile! But I'm sure Jesus is smiling even more :) Bless you! and thanks for sharing :)

TLCMOM said...


Bonnie Miller said...

Blessings to all!! The subject of modesty is intriguing to me. I was raised in a cover-the-head and modesty meaning fully covered as well by a dress. We heard a talk on modesty one time by 2 women who knew nothing about wearing dresses and their husbands after studying the subject of modesty came to them asking that they consider wearing modest dresses. Their husbands were willing to compromise and allow them to wear their pants at home. One of the women forgot to change one day and parked in front of the shoe repair place that she was picking up her husband's shoes at, she realized her dilemna, but decided she was just running in there and back out and back home, so she would just run in. She was relieved no other customers were in there, so she asked the clerk for the shoes. While he was retrieving the shoes from a back room, a male customer walked in and took a seat behind this woman. She began wishing the clerk would hurry up, when the customer says, "Those are nice pants you are wearing". She suddenly had something revealed to her. The pants she was wearing were "modest pants" in her eyes, however, no matter how modest the pants, men look. She expressed how humiliated she was and how thankful her husband brought something to her she had never before had revealed to her Biblically. This to me was a revelation that the Holy Spirit speaks, when we truly yield that part of us that kind of wants to do something to "fit in" better, etc. That Sister in Christ who gave the talk on modesty has left lasting impressions on me. Even though some leave what they are taught and move into wearing things that show more skin and form, I must say all will be judged, but as for me, I am ever so thankful that I was raised in a home that taught modesty and appreciate those who come from wearing pants only to modesty in a different way. The lesson for me is to test the deep desires of my heart and compare those desires to the studied out Word of God on whatever it is. Usually as I peel away the layers and seek the real reason my heart wants to do what it wants to do sometimes, I see that my flesh (ruled by Satan) tries to raise its ugly head on a daily basis in hopes I yield!!!! Our yielding many times comes in small, small pieces and Satan holds his breath in hopes that I accept or become hardened to the yielding, and then entices me with another very small piece of enticement. That's how we all of a sudden wake up one day and ask, "How did I get here?" Through the peeling back of the layers, we begin to understand the tactics of Satan better and realize that it is a no no to even yield to our flesh desires. We know where it carries us!!!! May all who seek the Will of our Father, not be blinded by the wiley tactics of the devil, but place all fleshly desires aside to truly hear the Holy Spirit speak. Just felt to comment after I read TLCMOM's posts and your replies Joyce. In Him, Bonnie

Joyce @ WP said...

Bonnie - what a story! Thanks for sharing. This is a goose-bumpy stuff! I have to wonder why so many who claim to be in love with Jesus do not have their eyes opened in this area.. and others. It truly puzzles me. Can we truly be in love with Jesus and not be surrendered? It is a challenge for all of us. Let's stay faithful no matter how many are on a broader path and no matter how in minority we may be even in Christian circles. Let's not abandon ship!