Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are Pants Modest? Part II...

In the last post we addressed that pants - or at least form fitting clothing - 
is not really modest at all.  But I will acknowledge that are a few times 
(and I believe they are few) in a woman's life when pants are more 
modest than wearing a skirt.  These times could include activities such as 
horse back riding, riding a motorcycle, tumbling in the snow or when 
skirts could show 'under' things, etc.  What do we do then?  
One suggestion is to wear long tunic shirts or a dress over your 
pants so that they cover your whole pelvic region...
(I personally believe they should at least well cover the thigh area - 
but we'll leave that discussion for another post.)


 Another option is to wear very loose fitting pants...

 Or how about wearing leggings under a full knee length skirt? (my favorite!)
Of course - for the seamstresses among us - there is always the option 
of making your own modest riding skirt, full cut pants, etc.  

And for a last thought - here's another set of comparison photos for you.   
There is no doubt that skirts speak pure femininity...
...women in pants?  Not so much.
Are Pants Modest Part I

My Redeemer Lives ~ Joyce
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akhurnu said...

I love to wear skirts and dresses, but I have a predicament. I have a chronic illness and therefore am trying to change my wardrobe to pure linen in the spring/summer and pure wool in the fall/winter. They are the only fabrics with healing properties. But this tends to be expensive and requires much custom sewing. While this guarantees that I'm not taking advantage of sweat shop labor, it does put a strain on a pastor's salary. So I've been looking for Army surplus wool products and wondering how I can turn them modest. And it occurred to me that I can add a skirt to them like you see in some yoga pants. This will allow me to be modest and prepared (inclement weather, disaster, etc.) while dressed in God's fabrics.

P.S. I don't think men's jeans are modest at all. They might not hug the backside, but they DO hug the front side. Oh, sometimes I wish we were back in the days of wearing biblical style robes.