Monday, October 14, 2013

Sports Running Skirts and More...

I continue to be of the mind that if there is an activity 
that we can't do modestly - perhaps we should rethink 
if we really need to be doing that activity.   
The Christian life is, after all, a day-to-day dying to our own whims and desires.
   That said - I also believe there are many modest outfit 
options for seeing us through an assortment of sporting activities.  
Take a peek at this sport company's approach to modesty...

I'm thinking a full light knit skirt with leggings
 underneath should get us through most activities!  
And it's a cute look to boot!
Shipping to the USA is not a great-looking option - 
but this would not be a hard look to recreate.
Be encouraged!  ~Joyce
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