Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mending For Modesty & Putting Elastic in Sleeves...

Years ago - mending was more of a 'thing' than it seems 
to be today.  Thrift stores did not abound to keep our 
closets full of nice clothing at budget prices....
 so we mended what we had!  
Well recently - I did some mending of my own -
 but for a different reason.
I find modest and dressy shirts hard to find. 
I've had this white one a number of years and love it!  
The drawstring neck can be tied to a level I'm comfortable with.
  However, we have a new puppy who has some
 challenging behavior issues.  
We've learned she's very 'dominant' and training has been hard work - ahhhh!!!  
One of her issues is jumping and biting - at the same time!   
She 'play bites' (as they call it) hard and fast! 
(Picture bruised legs, arms and tattered clothing...a naughty puppy!)  
When she put a big tear in the sleeve of this shirt - 
I was determined it wasn't going in the trash.
Thankfully - she tore the sleeves near the bottom of their 
 original 3/4 length.  I cut that part off - 
and now the sleeves are a little shorter. 
The original shirt...(I like it with this vest apparently.)
To put elastic in sleeves... simply turn sleeves under and stitch a casing 
the width of your elastic.  Allow an opening and feed elastic through
 with a safety pin on the end...having measured the elastic to what is
 comfortable for your arm. 
Stitch the elastic closed - then finish stitching the casing closed.  
It it easy!
All for Jesus ~Joyce

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