Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Testimony of Modesty & Leaving the World Behind...

Lorna has been blogging her journey with the Lord over at The Brown Brink.  
It's a lovely journey.  Her spirit is so sweet, so willing and the 
Lord is truly visible in their lives.   And... they are going it alone...

...never completely alone because they have the Lord - 
but alone in that their church fellowship does not
 fully share their hearts' beliefs.  
Her latest post shares more of her journey as it relates to her attire.  

I'm thinking that more and more we're needing to get used to 
this 'alone' thing.  Yet God is stirring up a remnant.
  And thanks to the wonders of technology - we can be 'alone'...together!

Be blessed!   ~Joyce

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Linda said...

You are so right about being "alone" in this world. I cover and have for many years.I have been stopped and asked if I was Amish or Mennonite. When I see another head covering woman I have to smile. There are so few of us around. It does my heart good to see it in younger women.

So glad to see you posting again,