Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Free Online Headcovering Booklet...

I recently became aware of a blogger who just made an ebook available.  
Entitled - 'Why I Started Covering My Hair' - it's all about 
her reasons and thoughts on her headcovering journey.  
She jotted them all down so that in the face of temptation 
and difficult questions - she could refer to them 
and have the words she needs.  Good idea! 

A unique aspect to this book is the comparison Renee makes between us...
and Satan.  Yes, you read that right.   Renee tells us
 that when we are unwilling to cover our heads - 
we are modeling the very acts of Satan...acts which resulted in his fall.  
Oh my - that's pretty serious stuff!

This book is jam packed with hard hitting truths and
doesn't pull any punches.
 It's definitely worth your read.
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Renee said...

Oh, wow! Thank you for sharing. :) Any praise-worthy work belongs to the Lord.

Jen (: said...

Thank you for this blog! It has blessed me in many ways. I use to head cover a few years ago, but then stopped after a few months. I started again a few weeks ago and although I still have some fear about wearing it at church, I am encouraged to know to know that I am not alone!

Joyce @ WP said...

Hi Jen - thanks for commenting. Rest assured - you are NOT alone.

Be encouraged that the path of the Christian is narrow and there are few that find it. The Lord bless you this day and give you strength and courage to obey His Word!

Love and blessings to you.... ~Joyce