Friday, February 21, 2014

Standing Alone - A Great Thing For God...

Many of us want to do something great for God.
  There is much concern and effort put into trying to discover God's plan 
for our lives.  But this past week it occurred to me...

...what if the great thing God has for me to do is to simply be obedient 
to His Word?  What if my wearing a headcovering and dressing modestly 
is my great testimony for Him?  I was reminded of three certain 
young men from Israel and a big firey furnace. 
You know what they did for God?   They stood up (literally)!  
Among the whole assembly- they were the only three who obeyed.  
And they were willing to do so even if it cost them their lives!!  
This 'little incident' is the only thing we read about them in scripture.  
It was how they made God famous.  

I know many of you stand alone in your family, communities and church.  
I can relate to some degree... and it hurts, terribly.
  But the Christian life is not about us - it's about Jesus.  
And if He asks us to do something - can we be ready to do it - no matter what?
I trust that with God's help - the answer is 'yes'!

Standing with you.... ~Joyce

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Ellie said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I was wondering , do you have a standard for how much to cover? Thanks! ~Ellie