Friday, September 20, 2013

Kathy's Headcovering Testimony...

Today I'm sharing yet another testimony from a gal who is practicing the 
biblical mandate of headcovering.   I met Kathy on facebook and requested 
her permission to share it with you.  Her story begins with a question from her young daughter!   
Today - Kathy is joyfully obeying the scriptures in this area - 
even though she is 'alone' in her church.  Enjoy and be encouraged...

Three years ago, my then 11 year old daughter asked our pastor's wife about what Paul meant about modest dressing, roles of women and head covering. She told my daughter and I that these were "cultural" in nature and not a value for today. Both my daughter and I felt that this was a rather lame answer to a heart felt question on my daughter's part. My daughter and I talked about these issues together and decided that this could not possibly be truth. How can we decide what is "cultural" and what is not. What about order in the family, honoring parents, teachings on homosexuality, obedience to God etc. If modesty and head coverings were "cultural" then why are these other issues not "cultural". 
...After this I was perplexed and disturbed by the answer we got from said pastor's wife. We attend a charismatic non denominational church in rural mid west Minnesota.... I began to study the scripture for answers and asked the Holy Spirit to direct my path and give me direction as to dress, and head coverings. God had already dealt with me regarding obedience to Him in areas that are difficult, ie husband as head of family. My obedience in the home has been a blessing and God has honored my obedience. I was ready to take the next step. The Holy Spirit kept taking me to 1 Corinthians 11. I said "No not that" But God was not going to let me go that easily. He nipped at my heels until I was convinced that He was directing my path in this. I said "Ok' and my husband did not care one way or the other. 
I ordered a simple black snood and started wearing it about the house. It was January when I started and wearing a simple indoor crocheted hat indoors and at church was not a far stretch for me. As it is I am already kind of "weird' at church wearing mostly longer flowing skirts. People probably just thought it was another "Kathy oddity" . Wearing my scarf or wide head band etc began to feel so freeing and normal. I felt that the Angels were honoring me, I slept better, felt my prayers were more earnest and felt a peace about my life. I shared only with a couple people about my decision, they thought I was cracked although they did admit that it was a command in the bible. A command that was "cultural in nature". No one has asked me about it in 2 years!
I felt that if I started telling people they would think I was being too conservative, or pious, or weirder then usual. So, I just did not say anything and no one has asked. I am the ONLY one in church who wears dresses 90 % of the time and the only one who wears a head covering. I feel a freedom in Christ and am at the age that I really do not care what people think of me. The only one I need to honor is God then my husband....  Those of us ladies who have been called to obedience in head coverings need the encouragement of fellow sisters. We are bucking the trend not only in society but in our fellowships as well. Rejoice dear sisters you are not alone, we have God and the Angels on our side!!!
God bless you Kathy!  Thanks for allowing me to share your story.

Friends - following Jesus can be lonely - but this life is but a vapor.
 And we are not truly alone at all.  ~Joyce


Dawn E. Brown said...

beautiful...thanks so much for sharing.I too am covered for the last 2 years, it is a very lonely walk,but I would not trade it for anything. God honors obedience.He also loads us with so many gifts as a result of being faithful to His commands.Blessings, Dawn E, Brown

Regina said...

Thank you for this post and the other testimonies. I too am the only one in my church who covers and the only one who wears dresses all the time. I feel so alone in my convictions.

TLCMOM said...

I belong to an independent fundamental Baptist church. Most all the women wear long skirts/dresses. I stand alone as a covering wearer. No one asks at church, but a few times the covering has opened the door to share my faith with someone in public. Occasionally by people I know I have been made fun of, but who cares?

Joyce @ WP said...

TLCMOM - I too have stood alone in churches... it is doable - but must admit - not fun! And you're right - head covering does often time open a door to discussions of faith. I'm so encouraged by your boldness and faithfulness. If you care to share your headcovering journey/testimony with us on this blog - just let me know. I'd love to hear and share it!