Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meghan's Testimony of Converting to Skirts...

There are so many wonderful stories of the
 Lord leading persons to dress more modestly.
  Today I'm sharing another one with you...
This sweet gal has been blogging her modesty testimony and con-
version to full-time skirt wearing on her blog First Comes Love
  With her permission - I invite you to go have a good read!  
She states that her journey "all really came from the Lord. 
There was no one particular friend, no blog, no church leader 
who sat (her) down and said that (she) should wear skirts 
all the time and then outlined all the reasons...
 It was the Lord, and ... (she) knew He was guiding (her)."  
I love that!

Meghan also has posts that share:

* The challenges of a husband on a different page as it relates to modesty

* The benefits of skirts

* Her personal standards of modesty

You'll love her spirit and the many tips and
 homemaking topics that abound on her blog.
  Thanks Meghan for sharing some of your story with us!

Praying for you this day ~Joyce

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