Friday, May 31, 2013

Modesty and Special Occasions...

Modesty - does it apply to special events such as weddings, formal dinners, graduations, etc?  A similar question might be - 'As a Christian, are there some times in scripture when God say it's OK to not love your neighbor?'  Neither mandate has an exception clause.  But I do understand that it can be hard to find modest 'dressy' gowns and dresses.   May I offer a few suggestions (you may have more!)....

1.  Wear a pretty lacy shrug or wrap to help cover what would otherwise be 'bare'.  

2.  Layer something pretty underneath- sometimes this is an attractive option.

3.  Shop a thrift store for something vintage that would still look cute by today's standards (sometimes vintage is more modest).

4.  Sew your own or have it made.  (often times - formal wear is more simple with straighter lines anyway - easier sewing!)  This sweet gal (who happens to be the daughter of a friend of mine)... just adorable in her handmade turquoise gown.   All it took was some pretty fabric - a seamstress friend - some pretty lace and I think she's just as cute as a button!  (Oh to be that young and beautiful!)

Let's honor the Lord with our bodies in every occasion of life.

With the Spirit's help -we can stay the course ~Joyce 
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Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree! This has caused some problems for me when being asked to be in a wedding party when the dress chosen didn't fit our standards. Thankfully, by sticking to our convictions, we've gotten things worked out! I have one coming up soon. The dress chosen has one strap, so I have a wrap secured to the dress to keep me covered, and may even wear something under just in case.