Friday, May 24, 2013

Interesting Artist Rendering...

Today I stumbled upon the artwork and story of child prodigy sensation Akiane.  I cannot vouch for her faith or experiences - nor am I trying to.  But I did find something interesting....  

Akiane began drawing at the age of 4.  She claims to have seen visions and dreams with something akin to visits to heaven.   Her drawing started as a way to convince her mother of the things she was 'seeing'. (Her mother was an atheist and Akiane had not been taught any kind of Christian faith.) 

Now what I found interesting is how Akiane - at the age of 11 -  portrayed a young girl in prayer...
 It would seem instinctively that she knew or felt led to depict the subject with a veiled head.  How about that?  Akiane may not even know why she did it - but it lines right up with bible teachings and blesses my heart.

You can go to her website that I linked above and see more about her.  I hope
 she develops a strong truly biblical and Christian faith and can be a bold
 witness for Jesus as the only Way to heaven.  From what I've perused on her site - 
 it seems she is still learning in this area.   May God shield her and guide her.

Sometimes we need a child to lead us ~ Joyce

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Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Awesome! Very sweet! :)