Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Following Christ or Other Christians...

A sweet headcovering shop - Joyce's Coverings and Veils  
had this graphic posted on their facebook page today...

After a sleepless night of wrestling with varying thoughts 
along this line - I felt it was a little message from heaven just for me.  
It's not a new thought - but oh how I need reminded.  

Being like Christ means following His commands, His words 

(hint - they're in the Word), and having a mindset and attitude 
that does not spill out of our flesh.

Being like other Christians may well mean we'll miss some 

of the above... don't want that.

So today - again - I resolve to pick up and let go...

and let God lead me, guide me and not worry about what other 
Christians are doing.  It may be OK - it may not be -
but I need to be following Christ.  Period!

Praise Jesus - His mercies are new every morning ~ Joyce

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