Monday, December 23, 2013

Modesty and Gift Giving...

I may stretch some of you with this post - not sure... (hopefully I don't lose any of you.)  

 Have you discovered 'boyfriend pants' - as they're called 
at some stores?  These are often embellished with 
vintage-look school-type graphics.  Basically -
 they are 'sweat pants'.  They have a fuller more modest 
cut than much of what's out there in young women's fashion.  
If you have someone on your gift list that needs some 
modesty encouragement - - these may be helpful...
Yes - I'm a skirt and dress girl.  But for the times 
when something else is required - these are a decent solution. 
They look like they'd be super cozy for house lounging!


Delisa said...

Hi Joyce! My name is Delisa, I am 50 years old and live in rural Georgia. I came across your blog today and thought what you wrote was very encouraging and balanced!

My view is there can be both a place for pants and dresses for social settings in a Christian woman's wardrobe, if they are worn with modesty, femininity and spiritual adornment. . I believe we show our submission and obedience by not dressing like a man. And if we wear pants cut for women in soft colors with feminine accessories, we will not be looking rebellious in any way.

But I still feel it is very important to honor God by wearing dresses to congregation functions and when acting as teachers of his word. You have a beautiful blog and I hope you have a lovely evening! With Love, Delisa :)

Joyce @ WP said...

Thanks Delisa! I definitely don't see these pants as normal wear - but for casual activity 'when needed for modesty' wear. They are a far cry from the skinny jeans some of my loved ones are living in on a daily basis - thus the gift giving modesty encouragement. Bless you!