Monday, October 21, 2013

Demons & Headcoverings...

In I Cor. 11:1-16 - there is a mystery verse - a verse that seems to be a bit unclear as to its meaning.  That verse? - verse 11...

   For this cause ought the woman to have power
                on her head because of the angels.

Often this verse is explained as 'there are heavenly angels present in our church services - and in respect to them (or something similar) - we need to have our heads covered so they can minister to us.'  Maybe...  But angels are present everywhere - not just in church services.  And then there are fallen angels... demons as we've come to call them.   And they are a very real entity too!
May I suggest that wearing a headcovering somehow speaks to the angels in the spirit world - both heavenly and demonic.  (Keep in mind that angels are not omniscient!) I know of several real life instances where evil certainly seemed to be thwarted as a result of a woman wearing a head covering.  Here is one...

This story involves a native young lady in Costa Rica (shared by my brother who lives and ministers there.)  She was a new believer - struggling with her new way of  life and tempted by her old.  But she was wearing her head covering (yes, in daily life).  Her and a nonChristian friend were at odds over a boyfriend.  In a weak moment - she went to 'have it out' with her friend and things got ugly.  The other girl put up her fists with the intent of an all out girl 'cat fight'.  With her fists raised and ready to 'strike' - she screamed at the young believer to take off that 'rag on her head' (referring to her head covering) so that she could fight her.  Of course the young lady didn't - and the fist fight never ensued.  But interestingly - as the new believer retold the story - it was as though there was a physical force keeping that friend from delivering those blows.

Is there 'power' on our head when we wear a headcoving?  This one story would suggest 'yes'!

I'm sure this raises lots of questions and I'll try to share more tidbits on this topic in future posts... (trying to keep them short for you!)

Be Blessed in Jesus ~ Joyce

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Dawn E. Brown said...

I would say yes, we do have power on our head when we are covered.I also believe in my own personal life,since I have been daily covered ,there is a greater understanding of what God is speaking into my life.I could give numerous times when The Lord has spoken to me through His precious Word,I attribute it to my being obedient in this area. Blessings, Dawn E. Brown