Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Great Signs Point the Way...

When I venture out to scavage at yard sales on the 
weekends (a favorite past time of mine!) - 
there's something I've found interesting.  
The yard sales that are the easiest to find are
 the ones that have great signs pointing the way...
 It's most helpful when the next sign - leading to the 
same sale - is similar in appearance or the same color...
If one of the signs happens to look completely different 
than the rest - I question whether it's for the same sale.  
It confuses me.  (and these signs occur way more than I'd like)

Now I realize no analogy is perfect - so I hope you can catch my heart...

I firmly believe the same is true of us.  Our message 
(that we love Jesus, have surrendered our whole lives to Him 
and want others to do the same!) 
is the least confusing when our appearance is consistent.  
Even though I believe we should not necessarily  
follow others - but rather Christ and His Word... 
the fact remains that others are watching and observing us.  
I think we'd be surprised what unbelievers notice in 
those proclaiming to be Christ followers.
We are each walking signs for Jesus - like it or not.

So whether we're at the beach, at a baseball game,
 shopping at the mall, hanging with gal pals, 
or in church - what a testimony to portray a modest 
appearance with a modest spirit in each situation.
And since I believe headcovering is a biblical
 teaching even for this modern day - I strive to
 be consistent in this area as well.
(After all - the angels are watching!)

Consistency is a beautiful thing!  ~Joyce

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