Monday, June 17, 2013

An Instant Witness....

One of the amazing things about wearing a headcovering 
is the instant witness it gives to those around us.  
I am convicted to wear my headcovering during all 
waking hours.  So when I am out shopping - yes - I am 'covered'.
 Recently at a shoe store... a young male employee came up to me and wished me a good evening - 
wondering how I was and if I had had a good day.  
I assured him I did have a good day and inquired of his as well.  
I was pleasantly surprised when he responded that it was a 
good day to be with his Creator.  I had to smile.  
We went on to have a brief and pleasant chat - 
realizing that we were both choosing to live for Jesus. 
I am fully convinced this young man approached me 
in the manner he did and shared the things he did 
because of my headcovering and modest dress.  
They instantly speak 'daughter of the King' or someone of faith 
and may give someone else an opportunity to 'give witness' as well.
Obedience has many blessings - a good testimony is one of them!
My friends fabric shopping - or 'being a witness' in Walmart :)
 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season... 2 Timothy 4:2a 
Be a bright witness in this dark world ~Joyce

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unprocessedgal said...

Hello ;-). First time commenting. Forgive what may seem unkind, but, as a non-covering christian lady, I have never seen a 'witness' of Christ's love when seeing covered ladies in any store. I'm not making that up. They seem to 'cloister' together, avoid all eye contact with any other person outside of their group. Clothing may tell an onlooker of one's faith. But clothing does not transmit the love of God with shuttered faces. If I were not a believer, the many times I've run across covered ladies much as the group in the picture, I sure wouldn't be tempted to find out how to be one.