Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Fav Modest Fashion Blogs...

Thought I'd share with you my hand's down favorite 3 blogs showcasing cute modest outfits.   
(Nope, I don't believe being modest requires being less than attractive.  Sensual? no - Cute? yes.)  
Only one of these gals practices head covering of any sort - (and just for church) - 
but I appreciate their conviction to dress in a manner
befitting a daughter of the King. 

Kristina is full of upcycling skills, has a sweet family and supportive husband,  
designs clothing, has a book, speaks on modesty, and is just plain adorable...

Enjoy her blog at Kristina J...

 Kellie also designs clothing (and more) and has an online shop. 
She's actually an amazing seamstress.  Her blog Accordian to Kellie 
is one of the best looking in all of blog land in my opinion.

Olivia is a busy, busy sister who amazes me with what she finds time to do.  
She makes many of her own jean skirts - and without a pattern many times.  
(She did create and sells a jean skirt pattern tho!)
Her blog Fresh Modesty was the first that I found from a young woman 
committed to living out her faith through her wardrobe.  
She talks candidly about what she believes - love that!

Grace and Peace to you this day ~ Joyce